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Work have blocked my website (all of my website) which means I can't blog from work. This includes not being able to blog about the text I got from my ex-boss inviting me back at a higher salary. Interesting.

Hmm, odd

Seems that something I did (or nothing I did) fixed everything (touch wood). Now I just have to find my Sigg bottle....


In the process of unwanted websites being removed from my hosting, the database which runs my blog appears to have been deleted.


It was a good year up until that point. Ah well, nothing much lost, so Happy New Year again, still better than the old one.

I've moved

I can now be found at http://www.fakoriginal.com/foughts. Excuse the mess while I get myself organised.

Ha ha ha

They've added yahoo to the banned list.



LJ's been added to the blocked list by work.

Fast mover

Right, that's the car insured. It's getting its MOT next week (it's been fully serviced by Ford every year so there shouldn't be anything wrong, plus it's already been checked by the person who'll be doing the MOT).

I'm picking it up next Saturday.

Next: applying for a parking permit.

What's so hard about buying a car, then?

So far I have:

Called a contact yesterday about looking for a car (my cousin's business colleague: mechanic & second-hand car salesman).

Received a call back with details of a potential car today (currently sitting on the lot).

Co-ordinated for my dad to go and check it out on my behalf and if it looks OK (it's already been checked over mechanically) organise payment. It'll then be stored at my parents' whilst I sort out a parking permit and insurance.

Insurance, now that's a headache. Lots of phonecalls.

Etsy is evil

I just got my hands on a new knitting pattern to try (for free, free I tells ya). But, of course, nothing in this life is free. I've just spent £20 on www.etsy.com on yarn. To be fair only one skein is for the shawl and the other is for an as yet undetermined pair of socks (yes, more socks).

Having finally finished the baby blanket for charlie and alex (it just needs washing and being photographed) I have promptly cast on another pair of socks. I have to finish a shrug for my sister by Saturday (when I have to give it to her) so am going to try and keep projects downn to two at a time: something small/portable to taking to work (so socks, then); and a larger project for home (currently a monster shawl/blanket).

I've also been forced to buy a swift having managed to tangle up some sock yarn whilst trying to ball it (and having had to throw away over 100yds worth of merino laceweight which was not possible to save). At least my new purchase comes in a pre-wound ball.


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